Pulmonary injuries
Hello, Can you please explain me what types of lesions can be seen in a young asymptomatic patient and what treatments can be put in place. Our CF Centre talks about the possibility of perfectly silent and asymptomatic lesions. We question the interest of exposing a child to the radios of an ...
Fumes and smoke
Hello, We would like to know if there are precautions, arrangements to be made in relation to fumes and smoke emitted during concerts, shows… for people with cystic fibrosis? Is it better to avoid them? Do they carry risks? You can also find this kind of machine to make smoke in certain stores ...
Hello, could you please tell me the difference between atelectasis and bronchiectasia. Best regards.
Hello, What is the cystic fibrosis characteristic cough? After a pneumonia, can a chronic but daily dry cough be thought to be typical for cystic fibrosis? Thank you Best regards
Great cold exists
Hello, We have our 8-year-old boy with Cystic Fibrosis and we live in an area where the temperature can fall below -20 ° C. I would have liked to know at what negative temperature he could go outside? I take him to the bus in the morning by foot and then in the evening we come back from the bus ...
CT-scan and x-ray in children
Hello, I wonder about the interest for an annual chest x-ray to an asymptomatic baby, carrying only staphylococcus (methicillin sensibel). Is it possible to perform the x-ray only every two years rather than yearly as long as it remains asymptomatic to limit its exposure to radiation at this age ...
Blood test
Hello, With a blood test, can you find out if there is an infection in a CF patient? Is there a link to white blood cells? Thank you for your reply Cordially
Hello, Are there any contraindications for a CF patient to do paragliding? Thank you
Dyspnea in spite of good values
Hello, I am 28 years old and suffer from CF. At the moment I am mostly doing quite fine, can do sports and the FEV1 is about 70%. In spite of the good FEV1 value I have partly severe problems, if I do not cough up for a longer time. This is true mainly in the mornings, as I do not have to cough ...
Shortness of breath
Hello, my son (20) has had an infection 3 weeks ago and since then, he has shortness of breath when climbing the stairs etc. 2 weeks before, he had been to the regular check-up and everything was ok. Of course he had then made an acute appointment in his CF center. Nothing could be found when he ...
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