Hello. I would like to find out about blood in the sputum. I am 27 years old with CF, with chronic colonization of staphylococcus and long-term high IGE levels. ABPA (Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis) has been been repeatedly confirmed. Over Christmas I overcame a virus that was ...
CF difficulties
My child is coughing up phlegm, and swabs made by the local pediatrician show staphyloccus epidermidis in the nose. The child has had pseudomonas in the past and is now coughing. Two weeks ago she had Sumamed prescribed when she had a cold. We're afraid that the cough will turn into pneumonia. ...
My child has mild cough during the day, night and during execise despite he is after antibiotic course recently.Is it normal?
Is lung auscultation necessary?
I am asking on behalf of a friend who is a CF patient. My question: is lung auscultation part of the necessary physical examinations in the context of a quarterly clinic visit, if rale was noticed in the past? In the pediatric clinic, a physical exam (also of the abdomen as well as the mouth ...
Lung rupture
Is there any method to regularly control the lung in a way that 100 percent of the complete area are examined in order to find out if there is a new lung rupture, without the need for the patient to swallow a tube? I tried to obtain info via telephone and was referred to the expert advice. I ...
Hallo, our son is has been hospitalized for three weeks now because of a pneumothorax. Agglutination with glucose/talcum did not work. Now surgery is considered. Unfortunately his condition is very poor: His BMI is 13.8 and his lung function 27%. How is this surgery performed and how much ...
Prolonged cough, phlegm production, weakness and sweating
Good afternoon. Four years ago I started with cough, sputum production. I have been treated for bronchitis. But my condition became worse. A lot of sputum, dyspnea, and perpetual feeling of heat, and sweating. I can not do any work. Now, in summer is worse. Then frowst, I am sitting and sweating, ...
Blood Cough (haemoptysis)
How often is the case that a CF patient dies of blood cough? For how serious it has to be taken if one has only 1-2 tablespoons of blood cough per month? Does one have to list oneself because of this even when the other results are still within the scope (FEV1 up to 40%, 02 97%)? Many thanks.
My daughter, 9 years old, has CF and we have often exacerbations. When on antibiotics we are OK, but after 2-3 weeks bad cough usually begins. Only Cefuroxim is effective as oral antibiotic. How long can antibiotics be used and are there other similar antibiotics?
Titanium valve/ emphysema of the lung
Dear expert team, We got a request in reference to an article, which appeared in the internet under,3147,OID4014800_REF2478,00.html . The question is if the method described there, using titanium valves at an emphysema of the lung in COPD can also be suitable ...
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