Refusal of MRI-investigation
My daughter suffers from CF with a severe pulmonary involvement. One year ago, a MRI-investigation had been done in order to find out if the mostly destroyed left lower lobe should be removed (because probably lesion). As the rest of the lung did not look much better, this was disregarded. Now ...
Lung examination CT or MRI
Dear expert team, With which examination method a radiologist or lung specialist is able to identify the following findings/diagnoses: • lung emphysema • obstructive bronchitis (COPD) • bronchiectasis • pulmonary embolism What would be advisable to do with regards to the ...
Atypical CF
I would like to ask: Since September my daughter has constantly been sick. She has an increased temperature, headaches, sore throat, stomach pain and frequent diarrhea. She has an atypical CF. Our pediatrician has said that she always has some virus and has prescribed her Stoptussin against the ...
New type of cough
My daughter (4 years old, CF) received an antibiotic therapy (cephalosporine) 6 weeks ago because of a severe cold (rhinitis). The rhinitis disappeared after the therapy. A severe, strongly mucous cough, coming from the deeper airways, however, did not disappear, even after a second course of ...
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