Need to treat?
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I have the following bacteria: - a great number of Pseudomonas putida (I have otherwise no Pseudomonas) - a great number of Haemophilus parainfluenza - Aspergillus fumigatus At the moment I cough more and I am very tired. My lung function is stable. How do you ...
Induced sputum in baby (with additional comment)
Dear expert team, my daughter (7 weeks old) has been diagnosed to suffer from CF because of a positive newborn screening. She has no symptoms until now. In the coming week, further diagnostic is done and the beginning of a therapy during a stay on the ward. I have been told, that every 4 weeks an ...
Hello, How do I have to behave after a pneumothorax, thus which kind of exercise is suitable and what should I avoid? Furthermore, I have my drainage been removed a few days ago and since then the scar pinches at each cough and it bubbles, is that normal, as I have also a skin emphysema at this ...
Auto-vaccine in case of CF
My daughter (36) is a CF patient and we are urgently looking for new/ additional /accompanying therapies. The up-to now done antibiotic therapies do practically have no effect anymore, as multiresistant germs have colonized the lung. Is there the possibility to produce directly/ specifically an ...
MBL (mannose-binding lectin)-associated immune deficiency in case of CF
Dear CF Ecorn team, I have recently been diagnosed to have an MBL (mannose-binding lectin) deficiency (below 30ng/dl) during a hospital stay at a clinic in town. I have been admitted via the emergency doctor to the emergency departement of the hospital because of acute dyspnea and sputum, here ...
Hyperinflation of the lung
Dear expert team, for month I (CF) have extreme problems with the hyperinflation of my lung (residual volume 280%), so that I am very handicapped. The hyperinflation occurs mostly in the afternoon, increases in my opinion if I inhale hypertonic NaCL, and does not disappear until I go to bed. Also ...
Sputum Cytology Examination (SCE)
Hello, My little son, aged 5, had no sputum culture for several months. Indeed, during the last 3 controls in his CF center, no sample of sputum was possible (nothing back). If during the next visit no sample can be obtained, what is going to happen? How do we know that there is no ...
IV worsening of the saturation
Dear team! I am suffering from CF and I am 48 years old. Since I was 25, I do regularly about 2 times a year an iv-therapy. Unfortunately, it is often like this, that the lung function stays the same, however the oyxgen saturation is going to be worse and worse at the end. I have however not the ...
Rhinitis and antibiotics
Hello, my 3-year-old son with CF has a rhinitis for 4 or 5 days; since yesterday, cough became productive, while the nose dries. He also began yesterday to inhale with Pulmozyme┬« (rh-DNAse). During the physiotherapy session yesterday, the physiotherapist got a little sputum, but from nose, not ...
Cystic fibrosis and cigarettes
Hello, I am a mother of a 15-year-old teenager who has cystic fibrosis. I have just learned this morning that last week, she smoked two cigarettes. I wanted to know what can be the consequences of her gesture. I am enormously put under stress. Thank you for your answer
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