CF and cortisone
Dear expert team, as a CF patient with severe allergic asthma (trees, grasses, fungus spores) I face the problem to be forced to reduce the cortinsone (prednisone 10 mg daily / symbicort 200® (budesonide and formoterol) 3puffs 3 times daily) that I take for 10 years, due to recurrent ...
Can CF also occur without pulmonary symptoms?
Dear Sir/Madam, My son (3 years and 3 months) is currently being tested for CF. He had a sweat test, but unfortunately the test failed because he didn’t produce enough sweat. However, I do not think my son has CF because he has no pulmonary symptoms. He has upper respiratory infections (with ...
Pulmozyme® 2 times daily more effective?
Dear expert team, my daughter (nearly 2 years old) inhales for some time once daily with Pulmozyme® (rh-DNAse) in the mornings, before this and in the evenings with hypertonic saline 3% with 7 drops salbutamol. She has an impaired ventilation of the right upper part of the lung (near the ...
Better lung function
Hello, I am suffering from CF and for one week I am doing with a lung trainer 10 minutes breathing exercises daily. Conclusion after one week: the FEV1 value has improved 7 points. My question is, how far can one train the lung in order to achieve a "normal lung function" again in the frame of ...
Achromobacter and Colifin®
I am 48 years old. In November 2013, Achromobacter has for the first time be found in my sputum and also Pseudomonas, the latter for the third time (always with large year-intervals inbetween). My lung function value FEV1 was always in the range of 55-57%. Unfortunately, from February 2013 on, I ...
Cystic Fibrosis
How does Cystic Fibrosis affect lungs and as a consequence the respiration?
My 14 year old son with CF was just told he has Bronchiectasis; is it reversible? The drs aren't doing anything about it?
Is Pseudomonas (lung) curable?
Impairment of ventilation
At a routine x-ray in december an impairment of ventilation on the right side of the lung has been found in my 2.5-year-old daughter. She had been given an antibiotic, jumped a lot and inhaled a lot, because she had an underlying infection. Now, after about 6 weeks, a control x-ray had been done, ...
Oxygen supply of the lung
My 7-year-old daughter is under medical treatment in Spain since her 3rd month of life. She is suffering from CF and has now a lung volume of 35%. A transplantation is urgently necessary. For 10 month we have liquid oxygen for breathing via nasal tube at home. The physicians have NEVER offered this ...
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