Home i.v. - peripheral venous catheter or butterfly
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I have just had a home i.v. therapy. As this has been my first i.v. therapy, I have been stayed 2.5 of the 14 days in hospital, the rest of the time at home. The infusion of daily 3 x 2g meropenem was running over the whole time through a peripheral venous catheter. I ...
Dear expert team, I inhale for more than one year Cayston® (Aztreonam), as the company indicated 28 days of inhalation, then 28 days pause. My physician in the CF center told me now to inhale Cayston® without pause. Are there any studies, yet, if this could probably lead to an ...
Regular i.v. therapy?
Hello, my son is 6 years old and has the Pseudomonas already for about 4 years. In the year 2012, 2 i.v. therapies had been done, as he did not well either. This year he has stayed free of infections and has no restrictions. The Pseudomonas has not beed detected anymore in the throat swab, ...
Tendinitis and Tavanic®/Ciflox®
Hello, I'm a 33 years old CF patient. Since August, I react to Tavanic® (levofloxacin) by tendinitis pain under the foot arch. My intravenous treatments are very infrequent (1 every 2 years). My doctor told me that if I can not support Tavanic®, we will have to consider much more frequent ...
staphylococcus aureus
What are your recommendations for the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus? In my country, staph is untreated if there are no significant symptoms. My son was diagnosed with staph, but it is not treated becouse he is a good general health with just a little cough, no fever, ... Thank in ...
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Is there a danger of getting Pseudomonas aeruginosa when treated Staphylococcus aureus?
Antibiotics in chicken - nutritional recommendation
Dear editors, one reads again and again in the press that chicken (and also turkey) are filled up with antibiotics. As we as CF patients are indeed dependent on antibiotics in a special way, the following question comes to my mind: are CF patients allowed to eat chicken etc. at all, as they ...
pseudomonas treatment
Dear ECORN Experts, I have a 5 years daughter. Here where I live we do not have a cf specialist so we go to another country for controls. She was diagnosed with cf at 1 one month. Her sputum test came back positive for PA (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) for the first time on January this year. We ...
17-month-old son with CF, Delta F508
Hello, My son currently has an infection (streptococcus pneumoniae in the throat swab). He has been prescribed Pancef®/cefixime (dosage: 1 x 5 ml, with probiotics 1.5 hours before intake). He weighs 11 kg. Could you provide advice?
Inhalation in case of resistant Pseudmonas
My son is 33 years old, mutation genotype deltaF508 and R553x. He has inhaled colistin for decades and now his Pseudomonas germs are resistant. Furthermore I ask myself if it is not possible however, that in case of such a long exposure colistin passes minmally the blood-brain barrier as he ...
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