Treatment of the sinuses
Dear expert team, I have a question about the treatment of Pseudomonas in the sinuses. Due to an intermittend Pseudomonas infection of the airways, my CF center suspected, that Pseudomonas could also be in the sinuses and should be also treated there, even if the finding of Pseudomonas in the ...
Drug fever due to i.v. antibiotics
Dear ladies and gentlemen, my daughter (12 years old) got recently an i.v. antibiotic therapy in hospital due to a markedly worsening of her lung function in the last year. In the first week, the therapy seemed to had a good effect. In the course of the second week, however, she got high fever ...
Hello, I have still the finding of Enterobacteria (diverse Serratia liquefaciens, then they disappear, then Serratia marescens is appearing or also Enterobacter cloacae) in spite of the fact that I inhale without pause diverse antibiotics (Tobi podhaler, Tobi humid inhalation, Colistin, ...
Drugs side effects
Dear expert team, I (19y) have a question concerning long-term therapy with antibiotics of the group of fluorchinolones (levofloxacin, ciprofloxacin). Is there any experience with CF patients concerning pain of joints, muscle pain repectively ruptures of the Achilles tendon, that do not heal? In ...
Nuvaring® and levofloxacin
Are there any interactions between Nuvaring® (vaginal ring releasing hormons for contraception) and levofloxacin 500? I took it for 7 days. I have started last week on wednesday and stopped yesterday. I have taken the ring our last saturday and will put it in again on the coming saturday. Is this ...
Side effects of Quinsair® (levofloxacin)
Hello, I (CF patient) have had very unpleasant side effects when using levofloxacin orally. Because of the recommendation of my physician I took it in spite of this for several days, with the result, that the moderate side effects turned to be very strong when taking it again (the foot was ...
Result of sputum investigation
Today I got the result of my sputum investigation. For 6 months, I have not taken any antibiotics, either orally nor inhalative or i.v.. In spite of this it is written there, that antibacterial inhibitory substances were present. How can this be?
Changes of symptomes via antibiotics
Hello, I take for one week ciprofloxacin and cefuroxim due to a worsening of the cough and increased inflammation values. Now it is like this, that the cough has gotten much better, also I have no problems with breathing, however there are still quite viscous secretions present. Furthermore I ...
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
What does the finding of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia mean for me as a CF patient? Is there anything to take into account concerning meetings with other CF patients or events other CF patients take part in?
Hello, could I get some information about Quinsair® (inhalation of levofloxacin)? Since when it is on the market, how, where and when is can/should be used? Best regards,
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