Piperacillin Allergy
Would you recommend desensitisation in a 16 year old boy who has had a generalised itchy erythematous reaction to piperacillin on 2 occasions? He currently has an exacerbation & is now growing 2 stains of pseudomonas both sensitive to pip but one resistent to gent and both resistent to cipro. He ...
Permanent antbiotic treatment
Dear ladies and gentlemen, our child has been told to undergo a permanent antibiotic treatment with a cephalosporin. I am afraid of the side effects, especially because I have noticed that our daughter gets very nervous and hyperactive when getting antibiotics. Is that a general effect or are ...
My daughter, 9 years old, has CF and we have often exacerbations. When on antibiotics we are OK, but after 2-3 weeks bad cough usually begins. Only Cefuroxim is effective as oral antibiotic. How long can antibiotics be used and are there other similar antibiotics?
The newspapers are full of warnings against the adverse effects of antibiotic treatment. My pediatrician tells me that frequent or long term antibiotic treatment is not good. The doctor in the CF center however, prescribes antibiotics whenever my child coughs. I do not know anymore what's the best ...
Dosing regime antibiotics, Differences Ceftazidim vs. Piperacillin/Tazobactam
My son has CF . For the past 32 years he was successfully treated by i.v. antibiotics on a yearly basis. During i.v. courses, his CF outpatient clinic prescribed ceftazidim (Fortum) every 8h and amikacin once per day. My questions: 1. Would it be adventageous if he could receive his ...
IV at home
Dear expert team, I hope you can help me. My son needs an IV therapy now and would like/should do it at home because there are rarely beds for CF patients in the hospital in charge. Is there a company in the Vienna [Austria] area offering such therapy? The Fresenius company does not offer it any ...
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