Another question on antibodies
[These question refers to the question "antibodies"] Dear Dr. Hügel! Referring to your answer on the question "antibodies" I have another question: if respective antibodies against Pseudomonas can be detected and however no Pseudomonas can be found with the usual investigation methods ...
Complementary drugs for pseudomonas
Hi, my daughter is 7 years old and since the beginning of the year we are fighting against Pseudomonas. Actually we are for the second time for iv antibiotics in hospital. My question is, are there any additional options in complementary medicine? Is there any experience in treatment with Manuka ...
Pseudomonas - inhalation with gentamycin
Hello dear expert team, Pseudomonas has been found in my samples. Therefore I am told to inhale for 3 months with gentamycin (mixture of gentamycin and NaCl solution). For this I got gentamycin solution for i.v. application. Can one indeed inhale this i.v. solution? Nothing is said about this in ...
Ciprofloxacin against Staphylococcus aureus
Hello, my daughter is 7-years-old and had in February the first finding of Pseudomonas. Therefore she inhaled 2 cycles of Tobramycin, after that, it still remained there, so that an i.v. therapy with ceftazidim and tobramycin has been done. Now she has to inhale for one year with colistin. Now ...
Hello Are there cases of CF patients who, without medical help (antibiotics) were able to eradicate germs such as staphylococcus sensitive to antibiotics? I ask this because my 13-months-old CF child has so far avoided the use of antibiotics against Haemophilus and E.coli that he has ...
porta neb
Hello, We changed my e-flow device for a porta neb by respironics Philips. I don't know this device so I am not very trustfull particularly for the pipe and the powered air. I'm questionning myself about the absorption of antibiotics. Can you give me some more informations? Best regards.
Infertility treatment, antibioitics
Hello, My husband (CF) and me, we are just before starting our infertiliy treatment. His gaining of sperms (TESE = testicular extraction of sperms) had to be postponed due to a flue. We are waiting till the infection is over, in order to have the operation done. However it is difficult to find a ...
Increased IgG value
Dear expert team! I would like to hear your judgement probably also your advice concerning the following situation: Immunoglobulin G value actually 2100!! Actual colonization with germs: achromobacter (2 different strains), Staphylococci. Highly allergic 17-year-old girl, also again and again ...
I have a question about the therapy of actinomycosis, that is a ray fungus, I cannot kill it. Please give me some advice.
Pseudomonas, the insecurity
My daughter had a positive swab and after a short time also antibodies in the blood. Now we have inhalation of Tobramycin, Ciprofloxacin orally, home i.v. with Tobramycin and Ceftazidim and now inhalation of Colistin. If the Pseudomonas will now be positive for a longer period of time, is there ...
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