Hello after blood tests, my 2.5 year old child was treated with Tobi then inhaled colimycin (because of bad tolerance of Tobi) for 3 months because blood results are very positive for pseudomonas but there is nothing in the sputum. .. but had ciprofloxacin for three weeks with tobi and still ...
First time Burkholderia
My son, 37, has had for the first time Burkholderia multivorans 10^3 in the sputum. Besides Pseudomonas for decades. Does one observe this at first closely respectively is there any general procedure? He takes azithromycin and inhales every 4 weeks colistin respectively aztreonam alternating.
Meaning of germs
Dear expert team, our daughter (5-years old) has CF and until now she is doing well. We just had again the big annual investigation at our center (lung function 106%). The result of the throat swab was the following: Moraxella catarrahlis Klebsiella oxytoca Staph. aureus In parallel to the ...
Pseudomonas aeruginosa for the first time
Dear expert team, my son, 6-years-old, CF patient, very good general condition, lung function 124, has for the first stime PA. A small amount of germs! I am very much concerned and have great worries concerning my child. As the swab result before was totally normal, it can be said, that the PA ...
Request: IV worsening of the saturation
Many thanks, Dr. Fischer, this would be on the other hand quite good! I have forgotten something...after the iv therapy (2x3 millions colistin and 3x4g tazobactam/piperacillin) I have problems with glaring light...supermarkets or strong sunlight are hardly bearable and I have problems with large ...
Probiotics in case of long term antibiotic therapy
Hello, my daughter (6-years-old, CF) gets for some years a long term antibiotic treatment. She had often diarrhea and abdominal pain, now she gets for nearly one year LGG capsules and the problems have been gotten better a lot. The health insurance, however, does not want to cover the costs for ...
Chronic colonization with Staphylococci
Dear expert team! Request for help for a very worried mother: my daughter (16 years old) had until about one year ago, a very good lung function (97%) and a very good general condition. As she is also an extreme allergic patient, one has the creeping worsening of the lung function not ...
IV worsening of the saturation
Dear team! I am suffering from CF and I am 48 years old. Since I was 25, I do regularly about 2 times a year an iv-therapy. Unfortunately, it is often like this, that the lung function stays the same, however the oyxgen saturation is going to be worse and worse at the end. I have however not the ...
Acinetobacter baumanii
Hello, I have been informed from my CF center via the telephone, to have the above mentioned germ. It would be well treatable with Cotrimoxazole respectively with Colistin per inhalation. As I have no other symptoms except my chronic inflammation of the sinuses, that is always severe in this time ...
Rhinitis and antibiotics
Hello, my 3-year-old son with CF has a rhinitis for 4 or 5 days; since yesterday, cough became productive, while the nose dries. He also began yesterday to inhale with Pulmozyme┬« (rh-DNAse). During the physiotherapy session yesterday, the physiotherapist got a little sputum, but from nose, not ...
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