Scarlet fever
Hello, My 5-year-old little boy had the scarlet fever twice in 2 and a half months. He finished his antibiotic treatment on Friday (that he had for 14 days) and he began again to have the symptoms 3 days after the end of the treatment. He has a visit tomorrow morning at our family doctor but ...
Pseudomonas in the nasal lavage
Dear expert team, First of all many thanks for your efforts. As a partner of a CF patient I am already for a longer time silent reader of your expert advice. Now I would like to pose a question for the first time. In the nasal lavage of my wife (CF, 31 years old, FEV1 85%) Pseudomonas had been ...
Finding of staphylococcus aureus at adult age
Hello, I (female, 28 years old, chronic colonization with Pseudomonas aeruginosa since early childhood) have had for the first time the finding of Staphylococcus aures in the last sputum. Apart from penecillin, there are seemingly no resistances. My health condition is actually quite good, I ...
I’ve heard (by a service provider) about a new molecule named “Cayston®” that is used to treat CF adultes againt Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This molecule would be used with a new machine that will arrive on the market (or already has?). This person could not tell me more. I turn to you in order ...
Thorat swab Enterobacter cloacae
Hello, I, female, 44 years old, have the following infection of the throat (throat swab): 1. Enterobacter cloacae 2. Serratia marcescens Antibiotic sensitivity has been done in the laboratory. Possible are ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin and moxifloxacin. I have absoultely no symptoms, however ...
Chronical carrier for Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Hello, My 11-year-old daughter is affected by CF. After a culture of a sputum control, 2 different strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P.a.) were found (P.a. has been found in an irregular way since she is 18 months old). The doctor informed me that he didn't want her to have an intravenous ...
Renal insufficiency stadium II
Partly increased creatinin values in the blood (85/94/96/100), measurement of the glomerular filtration rate according to the MDRD formula (67ml/min/body surface on the 9th december 2013, on the 24th february 2014 - 62.7) at a control done by the general practitioner. These values fluctuate and ...
Narrowing with colistin inhalation
Dear expert team, as a female CF patient and an asthma patient with colonization of two strains of Pseudomonas (mucoid), I inhale every second month Cayston® (aztreonam), as I only hardly tolerate the other antibiotics for inhalation. In the interval-free month I got due to a cold ciprofloxacin ...
Tobi® and nebulizer
Hello, which nebulizer is suitable for TOBI® (tobramycin inhalation solution)? According to the leaflet, the LC-Plus nebulizer should be taken. Is this absolutely necessary or can one also take standard nebulizers respecitvely is the eFlow also suitable? Many thanks for your answer.
MRSA because of azithromycin
Dear expert team, I suffer from CF with chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonization. My physician advised me to take azithromycin 250mg daily permanently. I feel a positive effect of this. However I fear, that it comes to a colonization of the lung with MRSA because of this. Is there any data ...
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