Hello dear expert team, My grandson who is living in France (2.5 years old, CF) is very well followed up in the CF center in Lille and he is doing really find---he thrives very well. He is very active, has three times a week physiotherapy and does not show any lung symptoms. He did not have ...
Pseudomonas aeruginosa and sterilization of the nebulizer
We are parents who want to know when to sterilize nebulizers ? Just before the use? Or after using and letting dry on a paper towel without active drying, in a dry and clean box? Is pseudomonas transmitted via the air? When is the best time to sterilize? Before or after using? Thank you for ...
Hello, I am now 17 years old and suffer from CF. I have fallen in love and we are just ahead giving each other a kiss for the first time. I never had a boyfriend before. My mother is of the opinion it would be too dangerous to kiss if I suffer from CF. Is that right? Best regards, A.
Treatment of the sinuses
Dear expert team, I have a question about the treatment of Pseudomonas in the sinuses. Due to an intermittend Pseudomonas infection of the airways, my CF center suspected, that Pseudomonas could also be in the sinuses and should be also treated there, even if the finding of Pseudomonas in the ...
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Hello, I'm a mother of a 1 year old CF boy. I wanted to ask how could I know if our child has Pseudomonas aeruginosa outside the swab throat. Are there any warning signs?
No segregation for Pseudomonas in hospital?
Hello, a friend of mine is at the moment in a large German University hospital (with its own CF center) due to an i.v. therapy. Unfortunately, he is sharing the room - even though he is private patient - with 3 other lung patients. One of those is colonized with Pseudomonas. My friend is at the ...
Hello, Could you tell me, in the context of cystic fibrosis, indications that lead to consider endoscopy of the lungs in children? Is there an interest for non-expectorating children? What are the expected benefits? The potential risks? Is it an increased risk of infection with Pseudomonas ...
Pseudomonas detection
Hello, The serology for Pseudomonas (antibodies)- has it an interest and is it reliable to detect Pseudomonas aeruginosa when sputum cultures are negative or impractical because the child is not expectorating secretions (chronic colonization in the past with no Pseudomonas actually)? What ...
Blood in the sputum
Dear expert team, Pseudomonas aeruginosa has been found in my sputum. Already a few months ago, I did inhalations with Colistin (2 x 1 Mio). I tolerated the inhalations well. The health condition improved. As Pseudomonas has soon been found again, we decided to do a 3 months eradication therapy ...
Water from the tap
My daughter has CF. She wants to use the water from the tap. Would this be possible if she uses a waterfilter? Best regards,
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