Pseudomonas in plastic bottles
Dear ladies and gentlemen, am 18 years old, suffer from CF and have a question about the growing of diverse germs (Pseudomonas etc) in 1.5 l plastic bottles with diverse beverages (cola, lemonade etc., however also mineral water). My CF center recommends, not to drink the next day from a bottle ...
Inhalation of antibiotics during i.v. therapy
Hello, is it correct not to inhale antibiotics during an i.v. therapy (tobramycin and meropenem) in order not to damage too much the organs (kidneys etc.)? I am a bit sceptical, to inhale at least for 14 days only twice a day with hypertonic saline 6% and once a day with DNAse. I would be ...
Pseudomonas at the beach
Hello, Are there any studies about the contamination of beaches of different European coast regions with Pseudomonas? Is, for example, the beach at the North Sea less contaminated with Pseudomonas than a Mediterranean or an Atlantic beach? We ask this, because we want to have the lowest ...
Another question on antibodies
[These question refers to the question "antibodies"] Dear Dr. Hügel! Referring to your answer on the question "antibodies" I have another question: if respective antibodies against Pseudomonas can be detected and however no Pseudomonas can be found with the usual investigation methods ...
Child with immunosuppressive therapy in the same class
Hello, my daughter is 7-years-old and suffers from CF. At the moment she has a Pseudomonas. In her class, there is a child suffering from an autoimmune hepatitis and is under immunosuppressive therapy. I am worrying that the other child might probably acquire germs faster, that might be a risk ...
Complementary drugs for pseudomonas
Hi, my daughter is 7 years old and since the beginning of the year we are fighting against Pseudomonas. Actually we are for the second time for iv antibiotics in hospital. My question is, are there any additional options in complementary medicine? Is there any experience in treatment with Manuka ...
Colonization of chestnut trees with Pseudomonas
I have read an article in a German newspaper from 11/15 about trees. There it was mentioned, that chestnut trees are colonized with Pseudomonas in the area around Dresden (city in the east of Germany). Can CF patients get colonized and which kind of precaution measures should be taken?
Water ionizer
Dear expert team, my husband likes to buy an electric water ionizer for our drinking water ( According to the company, one gets than a healthy alkaline drinking water, that is free of all pollutants and rests of drugs, that is said to be especially suitable for CF patients due ...
Transmission of Pseudomonas possible while jumping on the trampoline?
Hello, my daughter is 7 years old, suffers from CF and since the beginning of the year we fight with Pseudomonas, still hoping to be able to erdicate it again. Now my daughter does trampoline jumping in a sports club for a short period of time. At the last time it came out, that for 30 minutes, ...
Dear expert team, I have a question on the topic "antibodies"! I read from former answers on the topic that if one cannot find antibodies against certain germs (e.g. Pseudomonas) respectively one cannot find any germs either, one can suppose a successful eradication. However my CF center has ...
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