Worsening of the prognosis because of Pseudomonas?
Hello, what is the actual guidelinde in case of chronic colonizsation with Pseudomonas? Which role do the Pseudomonas antibodies play? Is it still like this that a chronic infection with Pseudomonas, that is treated according to the acutal guidelines, leads to a worsening of the prognosis/lung ...
Pseudomonas - inhalation with gentamycin
Hello dear expert team, Pseudomonas has been found in my samples. Therefore I am told to inhale for 3 months with gentamycin (mixture of gentamycin and NaCl solution). For this I got gentamycin solution for i.v. application. Can one indeed inhale this i.v. solution? Nothing is said about this in ...
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Hello Thank you for informing me if a Cf child may be contaminated by Pseudomonas aeruginosa only by direct contact or not. So far, CF center warned us about this bacterium and its environment (stagnant water, wet ground, siphon etc.). However the mode of transmission is not clear. The fact of ...
Waiter in catering business
Hello, I have employed in my catering business a person suffering from CF. In order to protect her of eventual health risks, I would like to know, if I can put her on cleaning the guests toilets sporadically, or if I should better not mention it in her description of her duties. She herself does ...
Flower pots
Dear expert team, the teacher of my daughter put up flower pots in the classroom. Shall I ask her to put those away, due to a risk of infection with e.g. mould fungi or Pseudomonas aerugionsa?
Rain water
In our new building we have to reuse rainwater. As a preventive measure, is it not better to flush your toilet with tap water instead of rainwater? Does this increase the risk of contamination?
Swimming pool with salted water
Hello Is it dangerous for a CF patient to bathe in a swimming pool of salty thermal water? There is, in Germany, a thermal swimming pool (Solymar) which uses salted (3%) thermal water. I read that the salinity of the sea water oscillates between 2 and 4 %. Is it risky to go with our child (by ...
Pottery making
Again about pottery making: I have no good feeling, even if my daughter wants very much to do it. Clay is a humid material, that can only be processed if it is still humid. If a piece in the lesson is not finished one day, it is covered with a plastic sac and is finished one week later. At ...
Pseudomonas, the insecurity
My daughter had a positive swab and after a short time also antibodies in the blood. Now we have inhalation of Tobramycin, Ciprofloxacin orally, home i.v. with Tobramycin and Ceftazidim and now inhalation of Colistin. If the Pseudomonas will now be positive for a longer period of time, is there ...
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Dear experts, Is there a test available that can test the presence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the water?
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