Contacts between patients
Hello, I would like to know measures to be taken when CF patients are in the same school? Thank you in advance Cordially
Visit (tropical) orchid garden
Dear Doctor, Can a CF patient visit a tropical indoor garden? Or is there a risk to get a Pseudomonas infection? Thanks a lot for your answer!
Basin Is it true that it is better to let run the water for a moment in the basin in the mornings in order to flush through the bacteria in the sink? Thank you for your advice on this.
Hello, A friend of mine works in a domestic nursing service and got in contact with a patient who has this disease. Since then he has been doing badly. He went to the doctor and they took some samples and sent them to the laboratory, but the results will only be there next Monday. Can anything ...
Cystic fibrosis with 66 years
At the age of 16 years I was tested positive for cystic fibrosis. My brother who also had CF died at the age of 38 years (1985). Till 2005 I had no problems. Then the lung infections etc. began. I lived in Spain and I was not treated CF specifically because the finding was not taken seriously; ...
Viral infection- Pseudomonas
Hello, How can it be explained, that in case of a cystic fibrosis patient (a toddler) a harmless viral infection can cause every time a pseudomonas colonization? Till now, the pseudomonas could be eradicated every time; but as the next viral infection followed, the pseudomonas could be proved ...
Persistent Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Dear expert team, Pseudomonas aeruginosa has been found in the samples of our daughter (6. yrs) for the first time in january this year. Inhalation with colistin followed for 4 weeks together with Ciprofloxacin orally. A new throat swab after 4 weeks had been free of PA. Shotly after this, ...
P. aerugionsa repeatedly in the nose swab
Dear expert team, I have read the very helpful contribution of Dr. Jochen G. Mainz about the question: "Pseudomonas in the nasal washing" (dated 01.07.2014). In my 10-year-old son, P.a. has been found repeatedly again and again occasionally, we have had different therapies, oral and ...
Vaccination against Pseudomonas?
Hello, is there any research concerning a vaccination against Pseudomonas? Could daily anti-bacterial mouth washings help to avoid a colonization with Pseudomonas? Many thanks!
Garden hose - Pseudomonas
I have a question about the risk of Pseudomonas infection. Now in the summer, many children use garden hoses to splash around with water. My daughter would like to join this fun, of course. I am not sure, however, whether Pseudomonas will grow in these hoses. And if so, is it sufficient to let the ...
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