Dear expert team, We want to stay at a hotel in the mediterranean arrea. What has to be taken into account conerning the pool? Is there a danger of infection with Pseudomonas? In the Internet it is written about a freshwater pool, can one assume, that it is chlorine in it? Many thanks for your ...
Danger of the wet places
Hello, I don’t understand why the bathroom (siphons) represent a potential danger if a place such as an aquarium (to visit) is without danger while much wetter and hot. What is the difference between both? I am lost. Thank you for your answer
Handling of pets
Dear expert team, my son (14 months old) suffers from CF. My in-laws, who are also our direct neighbours, have many animals (a dog, a cat, chicken, rabbits and sheep). My son is really crazy about the animals, but I am very insecure, in how far I shall allow the contact with the animals regarding ...
Gardening and kitchen garden
Hello, My 4-year-old CF son has no particular worry like aspergillosis or pseudomonas infection (at least for now). He wishes that we plant flowers and that we maintain a kitchen garden together. I know that the aspergillus is in the ground, the compost etc.... If my son wants to do ...
Visit water park Neeltjejans
What is your advice in planning a visit with a 6 year old patient with CF to the waterpark Neeltjejans on a blissful summer day?
Brita water filter
Many people nowadays use a Brita water filter at home to make the water lime-free. However, is such a Brita a good idea for people with cystic fibrosis? Because we’re talking about 'stagnant' water ... Thank you for your advice!
Water from the Rhone River
Hello as a mother of a little CF boy with cystic fibrosis and in anticipation of the beautiful days, I'd like to have your opinion. This summer at the grandparents of my son, the swimming-pool (so contact with body and possibly mouth), a small shower before swimming, but also a small sink in a ...
What does Pyo mean?
Hello after blood tests, my 2.5 year old child was treated with Tobi then inhaled colimycin (because of bad tolerance of Tobi) for 3 months because blood results are very positive for pseudomonas but there is nothing in the sputum. .. but had ciprofloxacin for three weeks with tobi and still ...
Hello, My two nephews the eldest 4y and the youngest 11m are suffering from CF. They carry the F508del / 3272 26 AG. The youngest has been screened at birth, while the eldest only now (false negative at birth). The eldest had no care for 4 years. Lungs appear more damaged thereby. He just had a ...
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