Warmwater bath days in the public swimming pool
Dear expert team, in an indoor swimming pool near our home there are so called warmwater bath days (the water temperature is at 31°C). Can my daughter (CF, 2 years old) take a bath there or is it like with the baby pools and jacuzzis and therefore has to be dehorted? If yes, this would ...
Sputum Cytology Examination (SCE)
Hello, My little son, aged 5, had no sputum culture for several months. Indeed, during the last 3 controls in his CF center, no sample of sputum was possible (nothing back). If during the next visit no sample can be obtained, what is going to happen? How do we know that there is no ...
Increased antibody titre
Hello, how do you judge the following antibody values: EXO: 1:1241 AP: - ELA: - In the swab, Pseudomonas could never be detected until now. Many thanks and best regards,
Severe asthma or yet again something else?
Dear expert, I suffer from severe asthma. Every three months I get a severe asthma attack. Even inbetween, I have permanent cough, much sputum and problems to breathe. I have very many infections and every year at least two pneumonias. One could already speak about "permanent antibiotic ...
Lake and amusement park
Hello I am a mother of a little CF girl wanting to go to a famous amusement park in Marne La Vallée (Disneyland). I would like to know if it was really dangerous or possible with rules of hygiene. In addition, most of the hotels are located near a lake: there is any risk of contamination with P. ...
Pseudomonas aeruginosa for the first time
Dear expert team, my son, 6-years-old, CF patient, very good general condition, lung function 124, has for the first stime PA. A small amount of germs! I am very much concerned and have great worries concerning my child. As the swab result before was totally normal, it can be said, that the PA ...
3 MRGN!!
Hello dear expert team, I am suffering from CF and in my sputum, a 3 MRGN (multi-resistant gram-negative germ against 3 antibiotic classes) germ has been found. What does this mean now for me and can the germ disappear again and what do I have to pay attention to and should this be treated if I ...
aquarium in college
Hello, Our team was questioned by 2 families: their CF children are schooled in the same middle school (college, but different levels & classrooms) and they frequently - at the rate of 2 hours in sequence (1 - 2 times / week) - attend a lab of biology (about 20 m2) with presence of 3 ...
hygiene: toothbrush
In your answer about hygiene and toothbrush (see you propose to change it every month and after antibiotic treatment. Why do you propose a change specifically after ...
Child care worker with Pseudomonas - CF child in institution
What has to be taken into account if a CF child enters an institution and a child care worker had already had the Pseudomonas germ herself? Is she a danger for the CF child?
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