Thyroid gland and CF
Hello, what effects does the illness of CF has in general on the function of the thyroid gland? And are the values in the CF centers checked regularly? So, would an over- or under-function came out? Or does one has to look for it specifically? Thank you
High blood pressure (associated to the intake of the pill?)
My daughter is 26 years old, has CF and persistently high blood pressure, it does not matter which drugs she takes because of CF. She is doing anti-conception with the pill. Can the pill be resposible in CF for causing other symptoms compared to a healthy women, e.g. high blood pressure? Many ...
Juvenile arthritis and CF
I have a 4 year old boy who was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis 2 months ago. He has started treatment. His weight is the same the last few months, something that worries me. He weighs 14 kgr and is 103 cm tall. Since last week he has a productive cough, which has not got any better, despite ...
Discopathy at 14 years, Propionibacterium acnes, growth
Hello, Our 14-year-old teen with cystic fibrosis experienced severe back pain in May-June. He finally performed an MRI in August with this result: On the contrary, there exists in L4-L5 and L5-S1 a disc-shaped bulge with no disco-radicular conflict or a repercussion on the foramens. The bulge ...
Lupus and CF
Dear team, I came across the article “Lupus and CF – Quensyl?” on this platform. I have been diagnosed to suffer from CF and also from Lupus erythematosus. I tolerate Quensyl very well and it has an effect, so that I have to take additionally cortisone only in phases. My question: is it ...
Fracture of the humerus with osteoporosis (lung transplanted)
[11.01.16 - addendum: on request we got the information: "Dear expert team, I am 51 years old and suffer from CF. Many tanks for the answer to my question. Regards, R. ] Dear expert team, 12 weeks ago, I got an subcapital fracture of the humerus. Now the radiologist stated, that I have a ...
Popping in the knee
Hello, Since a few years I (28, CF) have sometimes more, sometimes less problems with joint pain, especially in the knee. My CF doctor does not see any need for action. About 1,5 months ago the left knee started suddenly to make a popping sound whenever I stretched it and it still does since ...
Urinary incontinence
CF women and CF girls present, with a higher frequency than in the general population, urinary incontinence during exercise. Why? What can we do? Are any cases of urinary incontinence reported among CF young girls? Thank you in advance for your response on this subject little discussed.
Suggested sunken chest in case of a child with CF
Dear expert team, our daughter (6-years old), CF, has a slight deformation of the chest. At the last visit in the CF center, the physician in charge spoke about a suggested sunken chest. He said, that one could not do anything against it at the moment, that however, if it would disturb her when ...
Blood pressure
Hello dear expert team! I am taking the drung Candesartan plus for 10 years now. 2014 I have lost my conscious for 2 times, many investigations did really not bring results. Only a suspicon for a vasovagal syncope. My blood pressure is now without a drug too high in the day mean, unfortunately ...
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