Cystic fibrosis and estrogen
My doctor suggested I take an oral contraceptive containing estrogen and progesterone to treat a rebel acne. Is it contraindicated to take estrogen and progesterone whith cystic fibrosis? Is there an increased risk of diabetes? Thank you
Muscle pain due to co-trimoxazole
Dear expert team, I (CF, 24) recently got my long-term antibiotic switched from azithromycin to co-trimoxazole (960mg three times a day). Since the fourth day after the switch, I suddenly have severe muscle pain when jogging. With each movement of the foot, the pain spreads from the back of ...
Do medicines for CF and the drug methylphenidate go together
Antibiotic odour
Hello, I have just finished an intravenous treatment with tazocillin one week ago and since the end of treatment my skin smells special ! ! Is it possible or is this a 'hallucination " ??? best regards ...
Biphosphonate therapy
Dear Sir or Madam, What does a biphosphonate therapy as a treatment for osteoporosis involve? How is this therapy performed and what are the side effects? I read that biphosponates are also used in persons with cerebral tumours… it seems to me that it is a very strong drug. Is such a therapy ...
hello I have CF and am 28 years of age over the last two years my FEV1 has declined from 68 to 48 % predicted because I worked in an environment with heavy smoking, this is irritating my lungs and I did 6 hours physiotherapy per day, I receive one course of iv antibiotics per year and sometimes I ...
Pulmozyme® (DNAse) and anaesthetic gas
Dear expert team, are there any hints that Pulmozyme® (DNAse) could have a converse effect in case of an anaesthesia (with gas), that is that the anaesthesia does not function properly in that case? If yes, how long before one should stop DNAse? Many thanks for your answer
Side effect of azithromycin
My daughter, 6 years, CF, takes for about 2 years azithromycin permanent antibiotic treatment, every 2nd day 250mg. Can hair loss be a consequence? One has only to pull her hair slightly, then one has little bunches in the hand. Can I do something about it? Thanks!!
Worsening of the lung function due to tobramycin inhalation
Dear expert team, I have been diagnosed (23, CF) with Pseudomonas aeruginosa lately for the first time. We decided to eradicate with 3x750mg ciprofloxacin p.o. over 3 weeks and inhalation with 2x300mg tobramycin with a 28-days-change with 2x2 Mio. I.U. Colistin over 6 months altogether. My ...
Side effects after long-term therapy with azithromycin??
Hello, my 12-year-old son is chronically colonized with Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PSA) for two years. Since 6/2010 two times capsule-forming germs have been found in the throat swab. Since then he takes additionally azithromycin 250mg every second day besides Colistin and DNAse. As this therapy ...
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