pancreatic enzymes
What effect, if enzymes are administered to a 2 years old child who then refuses to eat. Will he suffer from abdominal pain?
CF and growth hormone (GH)
Hi! My 11 years-old daughter visited the endocrinologist who proposed to treat her with GH because her expected adult height will be 1.45m. Supposing she will not be again treated with itraconazole, a period responsible for a 2 years of bad weight and height gain, my question is: the CF treatment ...
Hello, What side reactions has dexamethasone? It is possible to increase blood sugar?
Amiloride therapy
Hello, my 14-year-old son has Burkholderia Cepacia for about 2 years. After the iv-therapy in March 2010 as well as in June 2010 were not successful, one has the hope now to get rid of the germ with an amiloride inhalation quasi as an "intensifier" in parallel to the TOBI inhalation and the ...
Side effects of vancomycin
Dear expert team, at my last visit at the CF-center, MRSA has unfortunately been detected in my sputum. We decided to start an eradication trial with linezolid orally and in parallel vancomycin i.v. At the first dosage of vancomycin (Perfusor syringe pump was running with 50ml/h) the skin of my ...
Side effects of Pulmozyme : is there another drug to replace it ?
Decontamination of the bowel in case of antibiotic therapy
Dear expert team, how can the intestinal flora be maintained in spite of an antibiotic therapy? Is this possible at all? If yes, which substances come into consideration? I have to take Ciprofloxacin capsules in alternation with Tobramycin-inhalations for one year. Many thanks in advance! Your ...
Pain/ partially fever under antibiotics
Hello, I am 25 years old and have for 23 years now a constant colonization with Pseudomonas. Since then, I inhale constantly antibiotics, since 1995 I do 3-4 i.v.-therapies a year, in between Ciprofloxacin in a 2-weeks on/off therapy. In former times this was not a problem to me, I was able to ...
(a) In less than twelve months a baby has undergone sterilization and a few months later is on ciproxin & tadim again. Does this mean that pseudomonas has settled for good and the real pulmonary problems have already started, or is it just symptoms? (b) How much does the medication affect the body ...
Side-effects of the inhalation of hypertonic saline?
Dear CF-team, I inhale 5.85% sodium-chloride solution (2x3ml per day). With that I realize, that more mucus is mobilized. My question: does hypertonic saline mobilize only more mucus or can the inhalation of hypertonic saline have also negative effects, that means increases the mucus ...
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