Request: IV worsening of the saturation
Many thanks, Dr. Fischer, this would be on the other hand quite good! I have forgotten something...after the iv therapy (2x3 millions colistin and 3x4g tazobactam/piperacillin) I have problems with glaring light...supermarkets or strong sunlight are hardly bearable and I have problems with large ...
Probiotics in case of long term antibiotic therapy
Hello, my daughter (6-years-old, CF) gets for some years a long term antibiotic treatment. She had often diarrhea and abdominal pain, now she gets for nearly one year LGG capsules and the problems have been gotten better a lot. The health insurance, however, does not want to cover the costs for ...
Chronic colonization with Staphylococci
Dear expert team! Request for help for a very worried mother: my daughter (16 years old) had until about one year ago, a very good lung function (97%) and a very good general condition. As she is also an extreme allergic patient, one has the creeping worsening of the lung function not ...
Infection in case of CF, even once possible without antibiotic?
Dear expert team, my question: Can/should/is it allowed for a child with CF to get through an infection with increased cough even once without the intake of an antibiotic? There are controversing opinions about this. Some of the doctors advise immediately an antibiotic drug, others are rather ...
Pseudomonas and Aspergillosis
My 19 years old daughter has been recently treated with IV antibiotics for the first time for Pseudomonas primo-infection. At the end of the antibiotic treatment, she was diagnosed with aspergillosis (presumably ABPA) with high IgE levels (1500). After intitiating treatment with oral steroids, IgE ...
Kitten (baby cat)
Hello, we will adopt a kitten within 1 week, the veterinarian said to the current owners of the kittens that since the children had played with them and they might have got worms it was also necessary to treat the kids! Should I do it? Is there no risk for my 5-year-old CF son? What is the most ...
Addendum to answer „inhalation with 3% NaCl solution“
Dear Dr. Posselt, many thanks for your inquiry and answer. With mixtures I meant mixtures between 0.9% and 3% NaCl and (!) 6 drops Berodualin®. After the diagnosis has been made we were told in the CF center that the 6 drops Berodualin® should be added directly into the 0.9% NaCl (for ...
Lactrase® preparation in case of mould fungus allergy and CF
Hello. I am suffering from CF and lately, a lactose intolerance has been diagnosed. As I am additionally allergic to mould fungi I would like to know, if I can take uncritically Lactrase® preparations, as they are mostly breeded on mould fungi? Many thanks for your efforts, Best regards,
Inhalation with 3% NaCl solution
Dear expert team, at first, many thanks for your always quick and competent answers!! My daughter (23 moths, CF) has been prescribed Mucoclear® (3% NaCl) for inhalation. Before, she inhaled always with 0,9% NaCl and Berodualin® (fenoterol and ipratropiumbromide, both bronchial widening ...
No effect?
Hello, I suffer from CF and take for one week Bronchitol®. However, I do not have the impression at all, that it transports my mucus. During inhalation I cough severly, however it does not come really anything out, it is more a dry cough. I am now a bit insecure, I cough now more than before ...
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