Irritating cough
Hello, since a short period of time I have a strong irritating cough, so that I can hardly breathe in between! I inhale Bronchitol® as well as Tobi®! Probably one can help me further! Many thanks in advance, S.
Is it possible to use Nortase® in case of a known ABPA and CF? If not, are there alternative preparations? The normal pancreatic enzymes are already given in a very high dosage and seem not to be sufficient, omeprazole is already taken for a longer time. Thank you.
Tobramycin inhalation
Hello, is there any information if tobramycin inhalation during early pregnancy can be harmful for the baby? We have to inhale tobramycin twice a day with our 2-year-old CF daughter and we ask ourselves if the vapours that we share by sitting next to her could harm the unborn. Many thanks
Oral intake & Sweat Test result
Dear Sir / Ma'am, I have had the following email sent to the email part of our Helpline and I wouldered if someone knows the answer: - "Hi- This may be a strange question- Is there any information as to whether certain medications, supplements, or a diet with too much salt can cause a ...
Kreon® dosage
Dear experts, I have a 4 year and 9 months-old boy diagnosed last year in October 2012 with cystic fibrosis, after he had two sweat tests, the first with the value 98 and the second 58. The sweat test was done because the child had chronic diarrhea for about a year. As a treatment we currently ...
Headache due to Ventolin® (salbutamol)?
Hello, our 7-year-old daughter suffers for about 3 months regularly about 3 hours after the inhalation in the mornings of 3-4 puffs Ventolin® (salbutamol aerosol) and 6% NaCl from partly very strong haedache. An EEG and further investigations have been without pathological findings. Could this ...
Cortisone and problems with the teeth
Dear expert team, I suffer from CF and take for 3 months cortisone, at the beginning 50mg a day, in the meantime only 10 mg. For about one month I have out of a sudden teeth, that are very sensitive to pain. The dentist could not really make sense of it and advised me, to use special toothpaste ...
Dosage of Kreon and side effects
My daughter is 5 years old and suffers from CF. She takes 2500 IU of Kreon per gram fat. We have the impression, that it has become insufficient. She has always a bloated belly, complains lately regularly about abdominal pain. She has fatty stools rarely, however sometimes up to 5 times a day. We ...
Renal insufficiency stadium II
Partly increased creatinin values in the blood (85/94/96/100), measurement of the glomerular filtration rate according to the MDRD formula (67ml/min/body surface on the 9th december 2013, on the 24th february 2014 - 62.7) at a control done by the general practitioner. These values fluctuate and ...
Narrowing with colistin inhalation
Dear expert team, as a female CF patient and an asthma patient with colonization of two strains of Pseudomonas (mucoid), I inhale every second month Cayston® (aztreonam), as I only hardly tolerate the other antibiotics for inhalation. In the interval-free month I got due to a cold ciprofloxacin ...
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