N-acetylcysteine (Mucomyst®)
Why my 16-year-old CF boy has never received a treatment with N-acetylcysteine? Is this drug not indicated in such a disease? My daughter suffering from a viral bronchitis has been treated with N-acetylcysteine. Thanks for your response.
Mycobacterium simiae
My daughter has been receiving ceftazidime and amikacin, followed by meropenem and amikacin and clarythromycin 500 mg bid. Because of gastrointestinal side effects, the dose of clarythromycin was recently reduced but my daughter had to stop this treatment due to these side effects. Is there another ...
ions exchange
Hello, my daughter (10 years, suffering from cystic fibrosis) was found during a visit to the emergency (tarchycardia, low grade fever, loss of sight - she saw only black and red, weakness, tremors of the limbs) to have an abnormally low potassium in the blood. Everything was back to normal after ...
IV effect
Dear CF team, I have been making the same recurring experience for several iv therapies: Before the iv: a lot of sputum and low physical fitness. One week after the start of the iv: less and lighter-colored sputum and better physical fitness –lasting for a few days. Starting with day ...
Causes of hair loss
Dear expert team, Since an exacerbation at the end of March 2012, which was probably caused by ABPA, I (25, female, CF) have to take several additional drugs. Around May 2012 I noticed that I am losing decidedly more hair than earlier. I initially blamed the itraconazole I had started taking, ...
Conflicting expert opinions
Dear expert team, does hypertonic saline solution only mobilize more mucus, or can its inhalation also have negative effects, i.e. promote mucus production? There are two conflicting assessments of this in this forum: "After all, with inhalation, one sometimes produces mucus that was not ...
Voice hoarseness
My child is 3 years old and suffers from CF. For a long time there is a hoarseness in his voice. Does it have anything to do with CF? I blame it on the Airway clearance therapy, or to the fact that he screams a lot. I would like your opinion.
CF related Liver disease, Lycopene and Vitamin E
Dear Expert, I'm a father to a 7years old boy with CF. Recently, a CF related Liver disease was diagnosed (by ultrasound and elevated liver enzymes in the blood). It was also discovered that his Vitamin E level is higher than normal 33mg/L. Can the high level of Vitamin E affect the Liver ...
Bronchitol®(mannitol) and ABPA
Hello! I have CF and would like to get a prescription for Bronchitol®(mannitol) in addition to my other drugs. Currently, however, I am being treated with corticosteroids and antimycotics against ABPA. My question: is there any experience with or contradindication for using mannitol in this ...
Vitamin D3
Hello, Due to a low vitamin D level (17,7ug/l, the recommended value would be 20), my doctor has ordered me (43 years old) to take vitamin D (8 dr.) in addition to the multivitamins I take in the mornings. However, during the time I take the drops, I get cramps in the fingers and toes as well as ...
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