Follow-up question: Motilium®
Dear expert team, many thanks for answering so quickly. Because of the colonization with P.a. I take Azithromycin 250mg every other day as long-term therapy. I also inhale Colistin and DNAse. According to your description, it seems one should be careful here and probably pause Azithromycin? S.
Gallstones with cystic fibrosis
Are they common? What do I have to keep in mind, since I am also currently breastfeeding my baby?
Motilium® 10 mg tablets
Dear expert team, I (40 years old) have adult CF an suffer from reflux esophagitis as well as small axial hiatal hernia, according to the latest gastrointestinal exam. I have been taking proton pump inhibitors for years (esomeprazole; Pantozol®/pantoprazole; agopton 30mg; earlier also ...
Lupus and CF – Quensyl®?
Dear expert team, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. However, it is not yet clear whether it is MS (multiple sclerosis) or SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus). My symptoms – persistent joint and muscle pain emerging out of the blue – are probably more in line with lupus, which is ...
Renal gravel
Dear expert team, my 7-year-old son has CF (F508 homozygous), his current FEV1 is at 88.4% and he is being treated with antibiotics continuously (cephalexin 1000mg and ciprofloxacin 250mg – 3 weeks on/3 weeks off, as well as colistin). We do an i.v. therapy at home once every year, the last ...
IMPACTT protocole
The physician who follows my 15 year old son proposed him to participate in the IMPACTT study ( which is to gargle and then swallow every night a formula enriched with egg yolk Y immunoglobulin. From what I understand, the hens are vaccinated against pyo and produce antibodies ...
MucoClear® 6% (hypertonic saline solution) harmful for children under 6? [follow-up question]
My 3,5-year-old daughter (CF) inhales MucoClear® 6% [NaCl 6%] and tolerates it well, she has no bronchial problems; we do inhale 2 puffs Salbutamol previously to avoid bronchial constriction. Can we continue this way without concerns? Or can this be harmful. It is dissolving very well. Thank ...
MucoClear® 6% [hypertonic saline] harmful for children under 6 years?
Hello, I have a question regarding MucoClear® 6% [NaCl 6%]. Since our health insurance does not pay the 3% NaCl our outpatient clinic prescribes MucoClear® 6% for our three-year-old daughter that we mix with 0,9% NaCl. Some days ago we made an inquiry at "ACHSE" (German alliance for chronic ...
Malaria prophylaxis
Dear expert team! In autumn 2012 I would like to travel to Namibia. While planning the trip I came across the hint several times that preventive health precautions have to be taken necessarily with regards to malaria prophylaxis, especially when travelling to the North (e.g. Etosha pan). I have ...
Hearing loss with Tobi® inhalation
Dear expert team, about a week ago, I (26 years old, CF) had acute hearing loss. During its treatment phase, several hearing tests were done. My hearing loss was reversible, but it was detected in this context that I suffer from hearing loss in the high-frequency range. I have been inhaling once ...
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