Swine flu
Dear expert team, my daughter wants to get vaccinated against swine flu tonight. She is 21 years old and we have gathered a lot of information. Unfortunately nobody can make this decision for oneself. My daughter got the seasonal flu shot two weeks ago and inhales currently with tobramycin and ...
Time interval between seasonal influenza and swine flu vaccinations
Dear expert team, My son, 14 months old, CF, got his flu shot last week. How long should we wait until getting him the swine flu vaccination? Kind regards.
Swine flu
Currently there are many discussions about swine flu but what is really the right thing to do? Would you get your daughter (15 months, CF) vaccinated with a clear conscience?????????? And what about the family members? The older sister (3 years), the parents (we)? Grandparents? Or is the ...
4 weeks until a flight to Bangkok
Regular flu shot was 3 weeks ago. Flight is in 4 weeks. Should I get vaccinated [this probably refers to swine flu vaccination], and when is the right time?
Swine flu vaccination during IV therapy?
Is there a contraindication for swine flu vaccination (Pandemrix®) during (!) an i.v. therapy with tobramycin/ceftazidime (due to chronic Pseudomonas colonization)?
Swine flu vaccination during inhalation with antibiotics
Hello, You already answered a question regarding vaccination during IV antibiotics therapy [this refers to the question “Swine flu vaccination during IV therapy”]. Can I transfer your recommendation (finish antibiotics therapy first , THEN get the vaccination) 1:1 to the inhalation with ...
Swine flu vaccination after TX?
Dear Expert team, the swine flu vaccine is supposed to be available from mid-October. Should a CF/TX patient get vaccinated, even though there aren’t any studies about this yet? I am quite concerned since one cannot predict any long-term effects in connection with immunosuppression. What is ...
Swine flu vaccination
Hello, should CF patients (son, 9 years) be vaccinated against the swine flu if there is the possibility? Many thanks for your answer
Vaccination swine flu
Hello, This autumn it is planned to have my daughter (5 years old) vaccinated against the regular influenza for the first time. I read that in South Tyrol (where we live) 200000 vaccines against swine flu will be available, risk patients being preferred. Should I have my daughter vaccinated ...
Swine flu
My daughter has CF and she is going to school for the first time. I would like to know if she is going to get swine flu and how dangerous this may be because I am extremely worried.