Flight without pressure cabin in 6200 meters altitude
Dear experts, I am 30 years old, suffer from CF and will go on holiday next summer to Alaska. There I would like to do a scenic flight to Mount Denali. The flight duration is about 2.5 hours and is done in a plane without pressure cabin. One flighs at altitudes of 6200 meters, however one is ...
At what timepoing oyxgen prescribable?
Hello to the answering team, I suffer from CF and want to know, at what timepoint extra oxygen has to be given respectively can be prescribed. The question arises as I have still normal values however at the moment quite strong dyspnea when walking and at slight physical activity. Drugs are at ...
Hello, My 10-year-old son has a very average saturation (91-92). I would like to know what are the criteria for oxygen therapy? Thank you in advance.
Oxygen supply of the lung
My 7-year-old daughter is under medical treatment in Spain since her 3rd month of life. She is suffering from CF and has now a lung volume of 35%. A transplantation is urgently necessary. For 10 month we have liquid oxygen for breathing via nasal tube at home. The physicians have NEVER offered this ...
Travelling with oxygen while seriously ill
Dear, I’m a mother of a 22 year old seriously ill CF patient. Our son would like to make a trip with friends to Zakynthos/Greece (8-15 juni). He needs oxygen continuously, at home 5l/hour. What should we do in terms of oxygen supply? In both airports he will land in? Can we take his portabe ...
Treadmill workout and oxygen
Hello! I have been dependent on oxygen for quite some time. Recently I was given a treadmill as a gift and would now like to work out effectively. Currently I am trying intervals, alternating 8 km/h until the oxygen saturation sinks below 85% and 4 km/h in order to relax (at 6 l O2). I do ...
Oxygen supplementation at night
Hello, since the end of November I am taking oxygen at night (1.5-2l) and have several questions concerning this topic. 1. Which kind of water should I use? Distilled water or is demineralized water also sufficient? I heard also about tap water with salt and about that I do not need a ...
Does compressed air dry out the lung / ABPA
Hello, I want to ask 2 questions in behalf of my boy-friend, who is 28 years old and suffers from CF. For a few weeks, he is for the first time in his life under oxygen therapy (24 hours) and has to adapt himself additionally 5 hours a day to a compressed air device, in order to bring the C02 ...
Our 6 month granddaughter lives in South-Africa and has CF. Her parents plan a trip to Holland during the month of April. Is flying possible or does it cause problems.
Hygiene with oxygen
My question deals with the humidifiying of oxygen. On the one hand there are the Perlan-humidifier, which have to be filled with boiled water or the destilled water (Respiflo). Which is more sensible with an increased incidence of infections? And can the destilled water be reused after standing ...