Alternative inhalation for Bramitop
Dear expert team, my son (31) inhales Bramitop (Tobramycin) and Colistin on/off. As soon as he changes to Bramitop, he hears himself double, which bothers him. In the time of Colistin inhalation the hearing changes return to normal still. I emphasize the word "still". Are there any alternative ...
Inhalation of 6% NaCl solution with eflow rapid
Hello, The CF center told me, that they would not prescribe the eflow rapid nebulizer for our daughter, as it would not be suitable for the inhalation with 6% NaCl solution. In the product leaflet however, it says that 6% NaCl can be inhaled with the eflow, only the membrane has to be well ...
Inhalation of BiklinĀ® (amikacin)
Dear expert team, as I have mycobacterium abscessus in my lungs, my CF center has recommended to inhale 1-2- times daily amikacin for 3 months. Do you know, if amikacin can be inhaled with the e-flow? I have some other questions: At the beginng of 2016 I had problems to see and strong vertigo, ...
Looking for mucolytic drug
For a short period of time, I cannot get the oral mycolytic drug ambroxol anymore, that I took for the last 30 years with success. Therefore I am looking for a new oral mucolytic drug. Do you have a recommendation which one to choose? F. 45 years old
Sucking off mucus
In the Czech Republic, it is common, to suck off mucus in children, who are still too small to cough up their mucus themselves. I read this in the internet. Our CF center did not talk about this once. My son is 14 months old, we inhale 3 times a day with 3% saline solution plus 3 drops salbutamol. ...
Drying of the inhalation device of the e-flow
I have been given a dehydrator (normally one dehydrates fruit in it) in order to dry my inhalation device of the e-flow nebulizer after cleaning. Is that sensible or is it damaging? Some CF patients seem to use this....
Inhalation device
Hello, I have a question concerning my inhalation device. I am 35 years old and suffer from CF. I inhale tobramycin (Bramitop), hypertonic saline 6% - 10ml and rh-DNAse (Pulmozyme). My former device PARI BOY does not function anymore after a quite short time interval. The motor burned. Now I am ...
Pregnancy and aerosol
Hello, Mum of a 20-month-old CF baby, I just learned about my new pregnancy. While waiting for a prenatal test to know if the child is affected, can I continue to administer tobramycin and colistin aerosols (and pulmozyme in the morning) alternately twice a day. Knowing that during aerosol ...
Are there any adverse effects with inhalative Tobramycin? If yes, what are they? Thank you for your help
Pseudomonas aeruginosa and sterilization of the nebulizer
We are parents who want to know when to sterilize nebulizers ? Just before the use? Or after using and letting dry on a paper towel without active drying, in a dry and clean box? Is pseudomonas transmitted via the air? When is the best time to sterilize? Before or after using? Thank you for ...
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