CF and intolerance of acetylsalicylic acid
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I care for a 17-year-old patient with CF: homozygous for c.358G>A, p.(Ala120Thr), pancreatic sufficient, first diagnosis made at the age of 17; symptoms: nasal polypes for 1 year (polypes were removed 09/17 and 07/18), no pulmonary symptoms, normal lung function, ...
Breathlessness during intravenous treatment
Hello As soon as I am on an intravenous antibiotic treatment iwth Ceftazidim and Cotrimoxazole orally, I am very breathless while without treatment I am not. Do you know if it's because of antibiotics? Thank you
Xolair (Omalizumab)
Hello, At the 3rd injection of Xolair, the result obtained is very encouraging. What is the expected benefit at the end of treatment (6 months)? Aspergillus IgE is 800.
Drug fever due to i.v. antibiotics
Dear ladies and gentlemen, my daughter (12 years old) got recently an i.v. antibiotic therapy in hospital due to a markedly worsening of her lung function in the last year. In the first week, the therapy seemed to had a good effect. In the course of the second week, however, she got high fever ...
Hi, I'm a CF patient. When my friend comes to stay with me she always spends the night with a very stuffy nose (inflammation without flow) and swollen eyes. This quickly gives the alarm. The rest of the time she has no symptoms (though she lives in Paris ...) Where can this come from (humidity?) ...
Sweat test in case of food intolerance and atopic dermatits
Hello, my daughter has had a sweat test last week. The result was at 32. Is that still in the normal range? I have to mention, that she has an atopic dermatitis and a food intolerance. Cow's milk (step 3), chicken egg (step 4) and peanuts (step 3).
Asthma and cystic fibrosis
My 3-year-old daughter makes regularly asthma attacks in spite of a thorough treatment with fluticasone. Could this deteriorate faster her disease?
Carpet and picking mushrooms in the forest
Hello I’d like to know what is better in a room for a child with cystic fibrosis: carpet or linoleum like plastic soil? And I'd would like to know if it's dangerous to pick mushrooms in the forest with the Pseudomonas or other bacteria present in the ground and moisture? Thank you
Lactrase® preparation in case of mould fungus allergy and CF
Hello. I am suffering from CF and lately, a lactose intolerance has been diagnosed. As I am additionally allergic to mould fungi I would like to know, if I can take uncritically Lactrase® preparations, as they are mostly breeded on mould fungi? Many thanks for your efforts, Best regards,
Worsening of the lung function
Hello, My daughter has been diagnosed to suffer from CF 2 years ago (she was already 17 years old). After the first shock, we have begun to accept the disase. The medical care was very good and the therapy worked well. Her lung function increased concerning the FEV1 value from 80 to 107 in ...