Physiological serum
Hello, If physiological serum (0,9% NaCl) is used in a 500 ml flask for sinus washing, how long can it be conserved? How much per side is to use for a wash? Thank you
Reverse osmosis device
Dear expert team, we are planning to install in our home a reverse osmosis filter device. There are two alternatives offered: 1. Standard device, that uses a 10 liter storage, that is normally filled always automatically and from which the rinsed water can be taken out quickly 2. „Direct ...
Question on food oils
Hello , I am currently asking a lot of questions about alimentary oils. Can CF people consume cold-extracted oils (rather used by small specialized companies) compared to refined, inert and virtually unalterable oils? Can we consume unrefined oils, cold extracted oils or is there a risk of ...
To empty out the dishwasher/ washing machine
Hello, our daughter is nearly one year old. 3 months ago, we got the diagnosis CF deltaF508. At the moment, she likes to help in the household very much. This includes to emtpy out the washing machine and especially to empty out the dishwasher. Is she allowed to help or are there too many germs? ...
House holidays with short carpet in room
For this summer, we will rent a holiday home. There is tile everywhere except in the rooms where there is short carpet. My wife having cystic fibrosis, should we take special precautions? Cordially
Hello I use Kefir to make a drink with gaz and rich by probiotics. Is there a bacterial risk to do it in the the kitchen and to drink it? Thank you
Brushing your teeth
Hello, I'm going to be two years old and I'm starting to be interested in toothbrushes, but as I have CF, I wonder if it's necessary to use mineral water to wet the brush, rinse the mouth and rinse the brush? It makes a lot of mineral water in this case...
Pseudomonas in gingival sulci
Hello, in the answer from Dr. Mainz about the sinu-nasal inhalation I read about the possibility of the persistance of Pseudomonas in gingival sulci. I have indeed a bad dental status and also some dental crowns made of synthetic material. Now I would like to adress this topic urgently, in order ...
Hello dear expert team, My grandson who is living in France (2.5 years old, CF) is very well followed up in the CF center in Lille and he is doing really find---he thrives very well. He is very active, has three times a week physiotherapy and does not show any lung symptoms. He did not have ...
Pseudomonas aeruginosa and sterilization of the nebulizer
We are parents who want to know when to sterilize nebulizers ? Just before the use? Or after using and letting dry on a paper towel without active drying, in a dry and clean box? Is pseudomonas transmitted via the air? When is the best time to sterilize? Before or after using? Thank you for ...
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