Dornase alpha
How is dornase alpha prepared or made? I have read that it is recombinant dna but from which cells is it taken?
MDMA and E
Hi there, I wondered if you could please tell me about the effects of MDMA and E from a systems perspective on a person that has cystic fibrosis or if there were any links to literature/information handouts anywhere? I am a health professional that has recently been asked this by an adolescent child who has been using them and we are trying to support them to NOT be using them by providing up to date scientific information but have found it difficult to find this information anywhere. Thank you.
query - carrier
Dear Sirs I sent a question to the cystic fibrosis organisation and they directed me onto you as it was medical question. I have just found out that myself and my sister are carriers of the cystic fibrosis gene only and do not actually have it. I wanted to know if it was true that if you are a carrier you can also show some slight symptoms of CF with lung problems etc? My sister has severe asthma (COPD) and i have asthma also and always cough a lot and have a lot of flem/mucus (sticky gunky) that comes up. Sorry to be graphic. I have read a lot of places and forums online where people say that you can have symptoms or slight symptoms show and some sites say no. I also read some scientific facts somewhere that there is more and more evidence showing this with patients coming forward? I would be very greatful if you would be able to help me with this matter?
Manuka Honey
I have read a paper explaining that Manuka honey could not work in CF patients because it can not be inhaled and when taken orally, it would not reach the lung. I am not scientist, hence perpaps this is a silly question, but why can manuka honey not reach the lung when taken orally, but oral antibiotics can?
intravenous antibiotic treatment /home
Hi,I am from Hungary and my sister has CF. She is 19 now. She has been doing well but just this week it was considered that after the 21 days tobramicyn treatment she has too much mucus. She can not breath poperly probably due to bronchial problems / may be bronchiectasis (never before). She has never been treated with IV but it seems that now this is the best solution. In Hungary the doctors just as the hospitals are disasters and the Cf centers do not work properly. My question is that if we have the money can we take her somewhere abroad within the EU for the 14 days IV Treatment (mainly Austria, but also Switzerland,Slovenia,UK)? Or even have her CF doctor abroad? In this enviroment IV treatment would weekenth her immune system which would cause other infections. Thank you for your help in advance!!!!!
My son (aged 7) is due to start swimming with school in January. The pool used by the school is not chlorinated but the water is cleaned by ultra-violet light. Would this pose any infection risk for someone with CF? Thank you.
Room Temperature
What is the BEST room temperature for a person with CF?
Can NaCL infusion help CF patients
Dear Sir/Madam, I am a mother of a child with CF. Maybe my question is stupid as I do not have medical background, but I am wondering can usage of Na Cl infusion through the blood once a week help CF patients in term of bringing salt through the blood into lungs, pancreas, stomack, etc.? This might help nutrition and braking up the mucus or not?
infant cf treatment with colistin and food diversification
Dear doctors, My 4 months old daughter has been diagnosed with cf one month ago. I would kindly like to ask for your opinion for the following: -she cultured positive the second time with E-coli in a tracheal aspirate. We tried to eradicate with inhaled gentamicin (5 days) and oral biseptol (3 days) for the first time without any success . Now her doctor recommended inhaled Colistin for one month. 1.Is this current procedure for cf infants to be recommended Colistin? Sounds agressive. I am not convinced of the need for this particular case, therefore my concern. E-coli in our case is very sensitve to a lot of other antibiotics on the antibiogram. 2.Is e-coli dangerous, does it predict future contamination with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa as SA does? Thank you, Ana Toma
What is the recommended medical treatment to get rid of mold in someone's lungs with CF
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