Arthritis and CF - how to treat
I am a near 40 year old female with CF. The last 15 years I have suffered form arthritis, and the last 6 years it seems to have exploded. All of my fingers are now affected, and I have had several surgeries to remove destructions and to permanently stabilize joints, thus leaving my fingers stiff. My doctors tell me I can not use the new socalled biological(?) arthritis medicines, and therefore I am left with virtually no medication which can stall the distructive process in my joints, all over my body. Do you have any advice or suggestions as to medicines I could try which will not be harmfull to my CF? I have p.a. and FEV1 less than 50 %
vitamin k
I like to know what do you believe about taking vit k some doctors said to us not to take it others to take it for osteoporosis, my daughter is 19 years old
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