Does bleach (household) kill bacteria, etc., on contact, or must the surface remain wet for a certain amount of time? Thanks.
hello, my son's chest xray at age 6.5 months showed "hyperinflation", which his CF doctor described as too much air in the lungs? I was hoping for anymore information on this condition and how it relates to CF. Is it cause for concern that he is such a young age with hyperinflation? Thank you so much.
sweat test for a baby at the age of 6 months and 20 days
dear Team! My son (6 months old) will have in 2 weeks a sweat test because he suffers from bronchitis very oft (5 times during 2 last months) and a very salty forehead. On the day of testing he will be 6 months and 20 days old? what are the normal results for thi age? 39 or 29??? thank you veru much in advance!!!!!
F508del and G542X
My 4 months old son has been diagnosed with CF. He has the above mentioned mutations. How severe is this combination? I'm extremely worried about what might happen to him one day. Thank you.
CF Diagnosis
My nephew has recently been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. This has been devasting news for the entire family. The genetic report received reads as follows: This individual is heterozygous for both the p.R1088C and p.G542X mutations in the CFTR gene. The combination of these mutations would be expected to cause cystic fibrosis or a CFTR related disease if they are on different chromosomes. (in trans). However the severity of the disease cannot be predicted. Family studies would be necessary to determine if these mutations are on the same chromosome (in cia or trans). I would highly appreciate if you can shed some more light on this report or provide any recomendations.
Two Class I mutations
Hi our son has two class one mutations, 3659delC and 2183AA>G. My research has shown that these are both frame shift mutations. Are there any drugs or studies for people with two Class I mutations?
Muscular dystrophy
What is the latest news about drug PTC124 (Ataluren) ? and Does medication proved its effectiveness in the treatment of muscular dystrophy?  I heard that the drug will be available at the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014 Is this true? I do not know if it has been the answer to this question But I hope that you answer me Please tell me I'm worried for this And I wish you success thank you for what you are doing of an effort
CF contact with chest infected person
I wouild like to know if a CF carrier with lung infection can safely spend two weeks in a camping tent in a hot climate with a CF child. Some of the lung infection symptoms we know about are persistent cough, short of breath, weight loss, overall weakness and a past history of pneumonia and been on a holiday in Southeast Asia a couple of years ago. The person is currently taking antibiotics whilst doing some test to establish what is the source of the problem. Sorry about the vagueness, but that is all what we are told so far. Please advise Thank you
National laws for CF patients
Dear representative, I know that in Italy there is a law that governs the CF treatment clinics and other aspects. Are there other similar laws in different European countries? We would like to establish an Israeli law, and for that we wish to gather all equivalent laws. Thank you in advance.
Any recommendations, in general, on how often to disinfect items such as sinks, toilets, tubs, shower doors and heads, etc? I am feeling overwhelmed. Thanks.
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