Cold weather
My 4 year old with cf is being sent out at lunch and break times in this cold weather when I have asked teachers not to is this right
Cross infection Pa
Hello I am afraid of my daughter catching a pseudomonas infection in our cystic fibrosis center. The policy at the clinic do not separate patients with pseudomonas from patients with out pseudomonas. Is this ok and what is recommended on other clinics? A concerned parent
Baby is a carrier of G542x, Negative Sweat Test
I had a question. Our daughter is a carrier of G542x. Her sweat test was negative. My wife and I are starting to think about having another baby and am confused about what I have found online. If I am the carrier of G542x and my wife has any of the other 1800 known mutation, can my next child still inherit CF? Or does it have to be the exact same gene? (g542x) Sincerely, Max
My son was born 2 months premature and he was coloniaed ESBL whilst in the NICCU ICU. He has since been moved to a regional hospital where he isolated from the other babies in the nursery. I was told today by infections control that I have most likely contracted ESBL from my son as I breast feed him. I was my hands when I enter and leave the nursery and wash my clothes after every wear. Just wondering how it's possible to catch is through breast feeding??
cystic fibosis
what is the features of cystic fibosis
Heterozygous mutation
Hi, I have a daughter that was Diagnosed with DeltaI507 from mother's side and 3272-26A>G from fathers side, she has never had an symptoms and is perfectly healthy at 7 years old. Nevertheless, I am pregnant and would like to know if you have any record of this combination and what the expression is like.
How to improve my child's lung functions (from 55% at present) and slow the further damage?
VX Combo trial 770/809
Hello, how long will the combo trial phase III last? When will the results be presented? Thank you, Best regards,
F1052V and F508del
We are expectant and near 14 weeks gestation. My wife carries F508del and I carry F1052V. The results of our CVS test were revealed that the baby inherited both faulty genes. We would like to know what to expect in clinical manifestations? What treatments might be available? Should we bank the cord blood? But mainly, what degree of CF might be presented. Thank you in advance.
F508del and F1052V
My wife and I are expecting a baby with both F508del and F1052v mutations per the results of our CVS. We need to know if there is any research that can give us a prognosis of the expected severity of illness. Is this a mild type combination? or is it more liely to be severe? Thank you.
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