Multiple sweat tests
My son just had two sweat test done. Both were in the high normal range. 34 and 34. They are concerned because they don't see this happen frequently and want me Full bore with more testing. Any advice?
MRSA transmission
If a CF patient is culturing MRSA, how high is the risk of transmitting MRSA to a partner(without cf) through kissing and sexual activity?
Risk of spreading MRSA
Hi, I've been diagnosed culturing MRSA and I want to ask about the risk of transmitting it to my girlfriend (non cf) through kissing and other intimate contact. Shall I stop those things or it's not so possible for healthy non cf people to get MRSA in their lungs? What shall I pay attention to to prevent transmitting MRSA to her? Thanks a lot!
CF Diagnosis
Has a CF diagnosis from the heel prick test ever been wrong?Both parents did have gene mutations and same faulty genes detected in child. A sweat test has never been carried out and from 3 weeks all the usual preventative treatment has been done. To date 4 years down the line nothing has ever been cultured or no other symptoms of CF appeared. I do appreciate it is highly unlikely the diagnosis is not correct and symptoms can develop later in life but this is just something I would like to know. A sweat test is going to be done soon.
p.R709X heterozygous
Hi - does being heterozygous with p.R709X confer CF - there are no other mutations, deletions, duplications per Ambry Genetic CF amplication and del/dup sequencing results? Kindly advise.
p.R709X heterozygous
Results from gene sequencing and amplification for our child showed one mutation: p.R709X. No other mutations, or variants of unknown significance or gross deletions or duplications were noted. What phenotypic expression does the heterozygosity for p.R709X bring about? Is my child a carrier. Thank you in advance fo your help. Regards, Sep 5, 2012
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CF related Liver disease, Lycopene and Vitamin E
Dear Expert, I'm a father to a 7years old boy with CF. Recently, a CF related Liver disease was diagnosed (by ultrasound and elevated liver enzymes in the blood). It was also discovered that his Vitamin E levels is higher than normal 33mg/L. Can the high level of Vitamin E affect the Liver disease (for good or for bad)? In addition he has being received a daily dose of 15mg of lycopene. Can the lycopene affect the liver disease? After stopping the lycopene administration a moderate decease in the liver enzymes in the blood was monitored. Thank you in advance.
Lung tranplant hospitals in france
Can you tell where the nearest specialist hospital to angouleme in france is please? I had a lung tranplant last year.
symptoms of cf
Is it readily identifiable at birth?
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