Is this mucolytic effective in CF?
I have been identified with dF508 as my first mutation, and Q493X. What does it mean? Im really confused with the numbers, the letters. I have no clue but i really would like to know as I have cf.
Ochrobactrum anthropi
To whom it may concern, please give me information about Ochrobactrum anthropi and its importance in CF-patients. Thank you
Class II & III muations
I am fairly new to learning about CF but have accepted the baby has this and the mutations are Class II & III. The little one is now 6 months and 2 wks old and so far the health has been excellent, not even a sllight cold. The weight gain on average is about 0.64grms per week and his CF clinic are happy with this. He has been on an antibiotic twice daily since diagnosed at 3 weeks and physio twice daily. His motions are normal and started weaning at 20 weeks and Creon not as yet required. I understand that suddenly problems could arise and no doubt will but does this seem a fairly promising beginning for someone with these mutations? When reading about CF and jumping on the CF Forum I can't help but note that most other babies with classic mutations are showing some early symptoms. Being salty has never been an issue either. No sweat test has been carried out but the faulty genes have been identified in myself and my husband and also 2 of my 3 brothers so it is conclusive. Thank you.
ADEK and vitamins for pancreatic sufficient patients
Pancreatic sufficient patients with CF should take ADEK and vitamins supliments? My baby has deltaF508 and R1070W and is almost healthy (details are in a previous question). Thank you.
my 8 year old son and I have been visiting his Great Grandmother in hospital for the last two weeks. All of a sudden today we were told that they are barrier nursing her because of a urine infection. I questioned the nurse and she said that the infection is called ESBL. I explained that my son has CF. She panicked and said that he should not enter the room to see her. I have just read an answer on your archive about this very subject where the expert stated that the CF child should not visit or have contact with anyone who visits either. This is all rather like closing the gate after the horse has bolted!!! Should I swab my son straight away to see if he has contracted ESBL??
my brother has Cf F508del/E822X is this considered a mild form since he only has pancreatic insufficency and no other problems?
Pseudomonas prevention
What are the hygiene measures to prevent Pseudomonas infections? My baby has deltaF508 and R1070W and is almost healthy (details are in a previous question). Thank you
My baby has deltaF508 and R1070W and is almost healthy (details are in a previous question). Q: In my case, will pseudomonas infection apear after several other signs of lung affections (eg colds that affect lungs) or he can have pseudomonas in the lungs without any symptoms?
Normal lifespan
My baby has deltaF508 and R1070W and is almost healthy (details are in a previous question). I found a study that shows the combination of the two mutations can lead to a normal life span. see below What kind of treatment and further investigations are recommended in this case? I found another study that I could hardly understand, see below. Yet my little understanding is that there were done additional genetic tests that can say how much is affected the patient. Where can I do such tests? Or how should I interprete the above study? Thank you
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