Nebulizer suppliers
not sure this went through the first time so... We are in France to visit my mother in law's family. We burned the motor out on my son's Pari Ultra II nebulizer even using an adapter. Does anyone know where we could find an e-flow or other battery operated nebulizer or some that would be compatible with both EU and US voltage (100-230 volts) Any suggestions would be welcomed. thank you in advance for any assistance.
PCT 124 Trials
Could you possibly let me know about the progress on the PCT 124 drug, if any? Regards Tandey Muller"
Information on health professionals involved in CF
I am researching CF and am wondering if i were a patient which types of health professionals would i come into contact with
pct drug
hello, i would like to know if the pct drug can be used on haemophiliacs.
Hello, I am a parent of a child with CF. I’ve got a question about the treatment with the nebuliser solution Tobi-300. I know that it’s strictly individual, but I am interested what are the criteria for treatment. If a patient has Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the lungs and has started treatment with Tobi, then can you tell me: 1. What is the minimal prolongation of treatment? 2. What is the maximum prolongation of treatment? 3. What tests must be run during the treatment with Tobi-300 and at what intervals of time? 4. If the patient feels good and Pseudomonas aeruginosa is not isolated in sputum at the moment, shall he stop taking Tobi? 5. Is there any other test to find out Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the lungs that must be run upon a small child who cannot give sputum samples? A blood test? If there is something, please, write me. Best regards, S. A.
dragerschap en symptomen
Ik ben dragen van het cf-gen. Toen het zoutgehalte in mijn zweet een aantal jaren geleden werd gemeten, bleek dat veel hoger te zijn dan normaal. De laatste tijd heb ik met enige regelmaat last van mijn darmen (als ik bijvoorbeeld vlees heb gegeten). Kan het zijn dat je als dragen in geringe mate last hebt van symptomen van cf, zonder daadwerkelijk ziek te zijn? Met vriendelijke groet, Anne Kersten
VX 809 -gene therapy
My son is 6 year old and he have a cistic fibrose.- fenotype Delta F 508 in both allels. When we can to expect the gene therapy of product VX 809 in Europe as part of nesessery medicine therapy.
cytic fibrosis and artritis
My dother 21 years old has problems with artritis I have read there are a number of problems with joints associated with cystic fibrosis, what is the problems?why it hapends? she takes ibuprofeno and gets better, what do you thing about it? Thanks
lung function
i have been told my lung function is a third of predicted, does this mean my lung function is around 33%?
Inhaled antibiotics available in Germany
My daughter will be studying in Germany for 6 months this spring/summer and is interested in what inhaled antibiotics are available and approved for use in CF there. Could someone tell us?
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