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Colloidal silver

Dear expert team,
can colloidal silver be used in case of CF for prophylaxis of flu-like infections? The germ-killing effect has indeed often been investigated. As being a person without CF I have personally made good experiences. Now, my girl-friend (CF Patient) would like to try it also, however she does not dare as she is insecure if there are any interactions with other drugs.
Many thanks for your answer.
colloidal silver is advertised in homeopathic medicine as a therapeutic agent against infections. If one looks at the literature, one does unfortunately not find any study, that proves an effect. The contratry is true: the uptake of silver can lead to accumulation in the body, in case it is taken in higher concentrations. Altogether the critical opinions of this therapy are more frequent than those in favour of it - except for those who sell it. There is no data and studies about CF and colloidal silver and also the drug interactions are hardly known. I would thereofore rather discourage.
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Joachim Bargon
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D. d'Alquen